Mehul Mohan

Mehul Mohan

Why am I not taking a coding job at 22?

As you might have guessed by now, my name is Mehul Mohan, and I am a CSE'21 undergrad from BITS Pilani Goa Campus. This is the time when all of my batchmates are aiming for their dream companies, getting placed, and celebrating. I am so happy and proud of my friends, and I help a bunch of them clear the web development rounds whenever I can. But funnily enough, I am not sitting for on-campus placements.

Let that sink in. I am at a point where I know, if I prepare hard for interviews, apply for companies coming on campus, and if I can excel the interviews, I would be placed for around 15+ lakh per year salary, which is considered a great starting package in the system. But still, I am choosing not to go down that road.

This might seem like an insane choice. Spending around two lakhs on coaching in classes 11th and 12th, and then 16 lakh for education in an expensive college like BITS, it would seem like an obvious decision to take up a high paying job and enjoy* life, finally. So what's wrong?

I could list multiple reasons and talk bla bla about my plans and what I am currently doing, but why not a job right now? For me, the answer is simple (and a little cocky, if you take it out of context) - getting a job is easy for me.

Alright, before you get upset, I would like to humbly shine a light on the fact that I am not talking about crazy 40-50-60L per year salaries is "easy" for me. But working in a fast paced startup? Juggling multiple things, managing application architecture, squeezing performance out of the code till it bleeds, following industry-standard practices, setting up frontends, backends? I can do it. I am confident. Seeing startups and companies who need engineers who can work on that stuff, I feel "safe" in a way about getting a job there.

People often wish me the best of luck for taking the risk of my life, not sitting in campus placements and pursuing codedamn, something on my own. But for me, it seems like an obvious choice. Why would you want to sit for placements if you were in my position? 22 age, no "real" responsibilities of the world right now, have a vision of what codedamn should be and could become, and always have a "safety" net of taking up a small job, in case everything fails. This is the time to be massively risk oriented for me, shoot for the stars, and try steering the direction of my life as I want.

Not everyone should not sit for placements. However, people are fundamentally sheep. Even if a few are in a position to take the "risk" and do the thing they always wanted, with family support and no financial problems, still, the FOMO of not getting into faang, or any job as a matter of fact, is huge. Of course, nobody can judge anyone without full context, but you miss 100% of the opportunities you don't take.